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Using Next.js with Github Pages

Andrew Lisowski on October 25, 2018

Getting next.js to work on a domain at anything other than the root takes a little extra configuration. This post will walk you though the steps to get it up and running.

Prefix Static Assets

Github project pages urls are deployed to https://your-username.github.io/your-project. To get next.js to properly serve all of your assets (js, css, html) your must include a assetPrefix in your next.config.js.

const debug = process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production';
const assetPrefix = debug ? '' : '/your_prefix/';

module.exports = {

Now you will find that when you deploy your project website to github pages all the static assets work, but if you try clicking anything using the @next/link component you'll get a 404. If you have any pages with images served from the static folder you will also notice that they do not work either!

Prefix URLs

So it seems to get our github project page to work we'll also need to all the URLs in our app to be prefixed. This includes both anchor hrefs and img srcs. You could do this yourself, or you could install next-prefixed a package I published to address this issue.


First install next-prefixed and add the following to your next.config.js.

const debug = process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production';
const assetPrefix = debug ? '' : '/your_prefix/';

module.exports = withPlugins([withCSS, withMDX, withBlog], {
  publicRuntimeConfig: {

publicRuntimeConfig will expose the assetPrefix to our next.js app.


Now that you have fully configured your assetPrefix all thats left to do is switch out all @next/link components and img tags with the prefixed versions.

import { Link, Image } from 'next-prefixed';

const Example = () => (
    <Image src="/static/jimp.png" alt='Code example' />
    <Link href="/blog" />

These components use assetPrefix to prefix all the URLs so they resolve in your github-pages app correctly. Now your project page links work!

Manual Prefix

If you need to manually prefix some URLs that aren't covered by next-prefixed's components, it also exports prefixUrl. This function simply joins the assetPrefix with whatever path is supplied to it.

import { prefixURL } from 'next-prefixed';

prefixURL('/blog'); // => my_prefix/blog

All done!

Now your github project page should work with next.js without a flaw!