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I'm Andrew Lisowski, a 21-year-old software developer from San Diego.

Get to know me:


California Polytechnic State University,
San Luis Obispo
Bachelor/Masters of Science,
Computer Science

  • Expected Graduation June 2016
  • Senior Standing
  • 3.2 GPA

Relevant Coursework

  • CSC357 Systems Programming
  • CSC365 Introduction to Databases
  • CSC430 Programming Languages
  • CSC453 Operating System
  • CSC308/309 Software Development
  • CSC464 Introduction to Networks

Past Employment

Software Development Intern @ Intuit
  • Developed new front end web architecture for It's Deductible Online (IDO)
  • Simplified user interaction with existing back end
Software Development Intern @ Intuit
  • Implemented the tax timeline on myTurboTax seen by millions of users
  • Worked in an agile SCRUM environment
Subscription Editor/ Development Intern @ Moon Valley Software
  • Maintained database and operations
  • Built page scrappers for multiple business listing websites


It's Deductible Online

It's Deductible Online

Implemented the redesign of IDO. Built the frontend using Angular, Gulp, and Bootstrap and integrated with existing TurboTax applications.

  • Tracks charitable donations all year round
  • Offers accurate values for your donated items
  • Helps reduce your risk of an audit
  • Provides fast answers to donation questions


It's Deductible Online

Newly reimagined front end for soundcloud. I was tired of using their slow interface, so I built a faster one! This project uses Meteor.js and Less.

  • Quickly view and organize your favorite tracks
  • Add to playlist in bulk
  • Create a Queue on the fly
  • Improved shuffling


It's Deductible Online

Maintained and extended login portal for TurboTax related products. This project uses Backbone.js, Less, Handlebars, Maven, and Tomcat.

  • Main Login Portal for TurboTax users
  • Offers year round tracking of taxes
  • Helps user know when their refund will come
  • Shows a user all their past orders from TurboTax via the Tax Timeline

It's Deductible Online

An easy way to make real-time playlists, with friends. Allows every on in a room to have a say in what gets played.

  • Easily browse, create, and join rooms
  • Theater view - current video playlist
  • Editor view - add videos quickly to the playlist
  • Built with Meteor.js, MongoDB and Less

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